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The Galileo 7 – new album out now!

Sonntag, September 16th, 2012


The Galileo 7 – ‚Staring at the Sound‘
New album
 out now on State Records

Available on 180gm vinyl and CD from also downloadable from iTunes. Buy the vinyl – you’re eyes and ears will love you for it.

Allan Crockford – vocals, guitar, Viv Bonsels – organ, vocals, Paul Moss – bass, vocals, Russ Baxter – drums

After playing in some of Medway’s finest cult garage-rock bands since the early 80’s (including The Prisoners, The Prime Movers, The Solarflares, JTQ, Thee Headcoats amongst others) Allan Crockford finally decided in 2009 that it was time to form his own band and write all the songs… The Galileo 7 popped into existence and released their first album ‚Are we having fun yet?‚ in 2010.

The new album ‚Staring at the Sound‚ takes the band’s sound in a more pop-psych direction than some of Allan’s previous rougher-hewn combos. While the gritty guitar, saturated organ, drive and energy of those outfits is still there, the new album tips the balance further towards crafted songs and harmonies. Reference points might include the Duke of Stratosphear, The Prisoners, The Nazz, early Pink Floyd, Soft Boys and any number of bands who went a bit psych and wobbly in 67 than got back to making pop songs when the stuff had worn off a bit. Chuck in a bit of late ’70’s new wave and a Children of Nuggets boxset and you’ll be halfway to getting the wrong end of the stick. But you get the picture….

This new collection covers such subjects as misanthropic tetchiness, the evils of empty consumerism,  anthropomorphised mood disorders and long-dead childhood pets – all in the form of the uplifting 3 minute pop song.

Recorded on 8 track analogue tape at State Studio and without a digital processor in sight, the album is available on glorious high quality vinyl for those who really want to stare at the sound. The front cover alone will be enough to twist your eyes out of their sockets.

Still available: album – ‚Are we having fun yet?‚ Teensound 016