November 10, 2008

This is Irina!

Irina.jpg Hello, how are you doing? Likely, you will be now surprised. But I long thought before writing to you the letter. Today in the morning, I have received love Internet dispatch, from the unknown person to me the addressee. In the given letter, it was spoken about love attitudes between people. In the list e-mail addressees, I have seen your personal address. I think, what you as search for serious attitudes? I consider, that given chance for me unique, therefore I have decided to write to you. I wish to find the present love! You are ready to learn me? If you will allow me, I would like to begin our acquaintance, with the small story about me. My name is Irina. I am 30 years old. I was born in not the big Russian city which refers to Ryazan. I am quiet, young, purposeful girl. Friends speak me, that I cheerful. I love dialogue. I consider, that dialogue very important component in our life. I am, as well as all women of our country, like to cook food, to go in for sports. I conduct a healthy way of life. I do not smoke and I do not take alcohol. I have work which very strongly I love. But I do not have not enough love. I am assured, that on our planet, there is a person whom the happiness and love can present me! On the Internet I more recently. I have no wide experience in the Internet acquaintances. I saw transfer on the TV, about love in the Internet and have decided to find the happiness. I consider, that it is real. I search the present for the man which will love, and to respect with me. I consider, that this main thing in attitudes. You interesting the man, and I would like to learn you in more detail. Probably it is our destiny? You can write to me the letter and tell to me in more detail about you. I with pleasure shall answer you. Certainly, I shall send you my photos as. In the future as I shall send you a photo from my life. You can learn all about me. I with impatience shall wait your letter to me, with more detailed story about you. I am assured, that we become good friends and we can love each other.

Please reply only to my personal e-mail.

Yours faithfully,
Your girlfriend from Russia,

Nach langer Zeit endlich wieder mal Post von unserer Freundin aus Russland. Und wenn's auch nur virtuell über's Internet ist (die Email Adresse wird wahrscheinlich zu so einer obstrusen Partnervermittlungs-Geldeintreib-Agentur führen), so sind wir doch gerührt. Und auf diesen Weg viele Grüße und noch mehr Küsse zurück.

Posted by michfiel at November 10, 2008 07:39 AM