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6. November 2018

Liquid Visions Record Release Session

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Meet‘n‘Greet Record Release Session @ Dodo Beach East

For those of you who are interested in some Berlin psych band history…

Once upon a time there was a group called Liquid Visions. It was the musical home of many, many fine musicians during the last 25 years. The album „Hypnotized“ was recorded in 2002 and until now it’s considered an underground classic by many psych music lovers.

At this time the group featured Kiryk Drewinski on vocals & guitar, Sula Bassana on bass , HP Visions on guitar & vocals, Kat Visions on theremin, Chris Schwartzkinsky on drums.

Though every other Liquid Visions album was released on vinyl, this one’s been only published on CD …until now!

After 16 years „Hypnotized“ is finally out on vinyl for the very first time. It’s a limited edition that comes in green transparent vinyl and Kiryk re-designed the cover artwork for this occasion.
So if you like heavy psychedelic spacerock sounds, stoner and groovy acid rock, come grab your copy and celebrate with us @

Dodo Beach East
Danziger Str. 31
10435 Berlin

Freitag, 09.11.2018
16 – 19 h

Liquid Visions – Hypnotized –
Record Release Session

DJ Kiryk
DJ Drop Out
DJ Kat Visions

30. August 2018

John Peel, OBE, (* 30. August 1939)

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16. August 2018

Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot

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Elvis (8.1.1935 – 16.8.1977)

30. Juli 2018

Gibson explorer guitar custom homemade

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23. Juli 2018

Kommen und Gehen

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via https://www.rollingstone.de/exklusive-videopremiere-friedrich-sunlight-kommen-und-gehen-1531875/

10. Juli 2018

Wicked Game

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Les Reines Prochaines 1993

29. Juni 2018


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1. Juni 2018

Jools Holland meets Billy Childish

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Noch bis Juli nachzuhören bei der alten Tante BBC.
Carry on with the Blues …

15. Mai 2018

Die silberfarbene Tonleiter

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‘MUSIC N’, Max Vernon Mathews, USA, 1957

1. Mai 2018


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\score {
  \new Voice \relative c' {
    \language "deutsch"
    \tempo 4 = 120 \set Score.tempoHideNote = ##t
    \key g \major
    \partial 4
    d4 g4. fis8 a g d h e2 c4
    e4 a4. g8 fis e d c h2 r4
    d4 g4. fis8 a g d h e2 c4
    a'8 g fis4 a c fis, g2 r4
    h8 a fis4. fis8 e [ fis ] g e fis2 d4
    cis8 d e4. e8 a4. g8 fis2 r4
    a4 a4. fis8 d d cis d h'2 g8
    e fis g fis4 a g e d2 r4
    h'8. a16 g2 d4. h8 e2 c4
    a'8. g16 fis2 e4. d8 d2 r4
    d4 h'4. h8 a4 d, g2 fis4.
    fis8 e4. dis8 e4 a a2 r4
    h8. a16 g2 d4. h8 e2 c4
    a'8. g16 fis2 e4. d8 h'2 r4
    h4 d4. d8 c4 h a ( h ) c r8
    c h4. g8 a4. fis8 g2 r4
    \bar "|."
  \addlyrics {
    Wacht auf, Ver -- damm -- te die -- ser Er -- de,
    die stets man noch zum Hun -- gern zwingt!
    Das Recht wie Glut im Kra -- ter -- her -- de
    nun mit Macht zum Durch -- bruch dringt.
    Rei -- nen Tisch macht mit dem Be -- drän -- ger!
    Heer der Skla -- ven, wa -- che auf!
    Ein Nichts zu sein, tragt es nicht län -- ger,
    al -- les zu wer -- den, strömt zu -- hauf!
    \repeat unfold 2 {
      Völ -- ker, hört die Sig -- na -- le!
      Auf zum letz -- ten Ge -- fecht!
      Die In -- ter -- na -- tio -- na -- le
      er -- kämpft das Men -- schen -- recht.
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