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Das war’s dann wohl.
Verschwende deine Jugend passt gerade im Nachhinein überhaupt nicht (hatte damals m.M. wenigstens noch eine sozial verträgliche Komponente). Tanz den Mussolini ist auch nur lustig, wenn man in Party-Laune ist. Deshalb das hier als Nachruf. Auf jeden Fall geile Konzertatmosphäre.

R.I.P., Gabi Delgado-López (1958-2020)


How I Enlarged My Breasts By 3 Cup Sizes In 5 Weeks Without Surgery

Ich habe keine Ahnung, was an den schwarzen Quadraten so sexy sein soll, aber irgendwas dreht sich da um Milchdrüsenvergrößerung. Von daher hier nur so zur Information

My backstory

Everyone has their own fate. God can give beautiful full breasts to some women, while others are flat-chested like boys. But God grants you the chance to change everything. I want to share my story with you.

Guys at school teased me by calling me an ironing board.

As long as I can remember myself, I always had a flat chest, cup size AA. Guys at school teased me by calling me an ironing board. My female friends wore t-shirts and beautiful dresses with deep cleavage, but I couldn’t do it. I always had to wear baggy clothes to hide my nonexistent boobs. My friends all started dating guys at high school, but I didn’t have a boyfriend because I was a “plain Jane”, dreaming of my Prince charming.

I developed deep insecurities about my breast size

Not one single guy asked me out – the high school years were the most terrible time of my life. I developed deep insecurities about my breast size. I promised myself that one day I would save enough money and have a breast enlargement surgery. but one day……………………………