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18. Januar 2011


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General Administrator Seb El Zin, Finance Minister Arto Lindsay, Interzone Defense Minister Sensational, Justice Minister Mike Ladd and Research Minister Marc Ribot have overseen the Anarchist Republic Of Bzzz since the early 2000s. The group claims influence from kabbalist Abdul Vector Von Hassid and mixes acid-political rhetoric with a no-wave attitude and noise scoured guitars. This is the groups first sonic manifesto, with Seb El Zin of ethno disco punks Ithak utilising Lindsay and Ribot’s guitars in his off kilter mixing style to create scuzzy, angular surfaces for Ladd and recent Wire cover-star Sensational to preach from. The results are unlike anything we can recall really, dense with concepts, sonic juxtapositons and a maniacal energy that places the project outside of many borders and barriers within its own unruly state. Tying the project together is the awesome artwork, as they say themselves, „Kiki Picasso’s cover places the recording in a geopolitical context where William Burroughs drops acid with Ben Laden. Wickedly left-of-centre happenings.

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